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Since 1995 we have been delivering user-friendly integrated technical solutions that utilise world-leading products and services.
We are dedicated to making technology your most valuable asset by digitising business processes, accelerating workflow, automating to reduce cost, and safeguarding your data.  Contact Murgatroyd Tech to find out how you can move your workplace to the next level. 


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Each element of your infrastructure is crafted to your specific requirements using Azure and Microsoft 365.

Every component is hand-picked based on your current and future needs to efficiently connect business processes with technical services.

Integrations by Murgatroyd Tech are a seamless addition to your everyday business - we guarantee it!

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Technology can be intimidating so we do our best to make sure your business can do exactly what it needs by taking the time to talk to you about how you work and what you want to achieve. Then we take the time to demonstrate how our solutions can deliver exactly what you need.
At Murgatroyd Tech we are dedicated to providing you with personalised, friendly service, a welcoming technological experience, and above all else, an excellent end result crafted from the world's most business-critical platform, Microsoft 365.

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We take pride in our abilities and it shows. Every project is individually crafted to deliver a mix of services that is bespoke to your needs – making it an infrastructure that fits your organisation perfectly. Whether it's a full on-premises and cloud integration, full platform change or something as simple as tying your current services together, we guarantee that your business will benefit. And we can help you grow and adapt as your business needs change through expansion, contraction or the need for remote solutions.

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Making your office environment a great place to work is something to take pride in. Murgatroyd Tech delights in finding ways to make your business work seamlessly.  We’ll make sure that everyone in the business knows how to utilise the potential of their technical tools. We can deliver subtle changes that take the pain out of interacting with technology, boost productivity and enhance the performance of your business.


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Our services and platform includes integrated, always-on secure access. We design based upon your requirements, encompassing your needs around governance, compliance and security. Users will be able to switch seamlessly from an office, to any other location – even the beach - while still adhering to corporate policies and security.

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